About Us


New Horizons Socotra tours & Eco-tourism  is an official tour operator based in the capital city of Socotra Island -  Hadibo . We are Socotrian  natives and established our agency in 2007. Our primary objective is to furnish our customers with the best possible service at the best possible price. We take pride in our name, and the fine reputation we maintain with our clients. The company has achieved more competitive advantages in the tourism market by providing the highest quality and innovative tour services.  We are  well experienced tour guides and highly qualified to provide eco-tourism services to tourists longing to the unique hospitality of Yemen. We provide our services to those coming to the Socotra Archipelago and mainland Yemen cities of Aden, Sana'a , Sayun , Al-Mahara  to spend their holidays.

New Horizons Socotra tours & Eco-tourism  pays  special attention to local environment, economy and people.


Mr.Mohammed Ahmed Bin Khalifah                         

President Executive Officer

Operational Manager                                                              

Mr.Fouzi Ahmed

Administrative Director                       

Mrs.Fatima  Adib  Abdullah

Administrative Officer

Ms. Iman Zuhair Fotouhi. N - Algerian

Administrative Officer             

Mr.Mousa Khames             

Financial  Manager

Sir.Saleh Hajj 

Well Experienced Socotra  Tour Guide

Mr.Mouloud Mohamed Fouad

Al - Hodeidah -  Branch

Mr.Omar Salem Basilam

Al-Mahara -  Branch

Mr.Jafar Malik Al Kathiri

Hadramout Al-Mukallah - Sayun  - Branch



New Horizons Socotra tours also organizes tours to Different  regions in Yemen such 

Sana'a , Aden . Al - Hodeidah - Zabid , Islands of Socotra , Mareb , Wadi Dhahar , Shabwa , Ibb . Al - Jawf , Hadramout Al-Mukallah - Sayun , Al-Mahara .  Taiz - Al Kahera citadel, Al-Janad .